2023 the 10th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Civil Engineering will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. (CFP flyer)

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

T1: Mechanical Engineering

T2: Materials Science

T3: Civil Engineering

T4: Other Topics

Surface Engineering/Coating Technology Composites Materials Civil, Architectural Engineering Membrane Separation Materials
Mechanical Products Design, Mechanical Structures Organic Polymer Materials Architecture, Building Materials Amorphous Materials
Mechanical Strength and Reliability Micro / Nano/Bio Materials Bridge and Tunnel Engineering Material Manufacturing
CAD, CAM, CAE, Computer Modeling and Simulation Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials Rock Engineering Biological Manufacturing
Simulation, Testing, Diagnosis, and Control in Manufacturing (New) Functional Materials Structural Engineering Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical Control Superhard Material Geotechnical, Geological and Hydraulic Engineering Nontraditional Manufacturing
Mechanical Vibration and Noise Iron and Steel Concrete Structure Design New Energy Materials
Mechatronics, Industrial Robotics, Automation and Control Ceramic Architectural Design and Building Materials Green Materials
Engineering Optimization in Manufacturing Metal Alloy Materials Architectural Design and Its Theory Energy and Environmental Materials
Mechanical Systems Materials Processing Engineering Building Technology Science Welding & Joining
Casting and Solidification Materials Forming Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering Intelligent Materials
Coatings and Surface Engineering Materials Machining Traditional / Advanced Construction Materials Materials Physics
Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Laser Processing Mineral and Mineralogy Materials Chemistry
Mechatronics Powder Metallurgy Sustainable Concrete Materials and Structures Biological Medical Materials
Digital Design and Analysis Severe Plastic Deformation Nanotechnology in Concrete Health and Biological Materials
Micro Mechanics and Tribology Tribology in Manufacturing Processes Fibre-Reinforced Cementitious Composites Physics and Numerical Simulation of Materials Process
Surface Interface Theory and Technology Coatings Filler Technology and Three-Tier Concrete Mix Design Method Inorganic Materials
Mechanical Parts and Sealing Technology Surface Engineering Ultra-High-Performance Concrete High Performance Materials
Mechanical System Dynamics and Fault Diagnosis Technology Semi-Conductor Materials Particle Packing and Microstructural Modification  
Intelligent Manufacture Equipment and Control Hybrid Optical Materials (Organic/Inorganic) Constitutive Model  
Precise and Special Processing Technology Advanced Textile Materials Post-Crack and Post-Peak Response  
Robot Technology, Manufacturing Automation Equipment Material Properties, Performances, Characterization and Applications Crack Control and Construction Control of Concrete Structures  
Manufacturing System and Digital Manufacturing Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage    
Forming Heavy Equipment Design and Manufacture Adsorbent Materials    
The Forming Process Monitoring Control and Intelligent Nanofabrication, Nano Metrology and Applications    
Laser Processing and Micro-Nano Processing Advanced Structural Materials